Jumat, 15 Agustus 2014

nutmeg benefits and side effects

Nutmeg is a small fruit which has so many benefits for health. You can find a lot of amazing functions of nutmeg in our daily life. Using nutmeg as the spices of the foods can help us to prevent from daily health problems. A little nutmeg in the soup has a big effect for our health. Besides, nutmeg is used in medical solution as a natural herb which has quite powerful and effective effect rather than chemical drugs. See More: Nutmeg Health Benefits

Rabu, 13 Agustus 2014

What Are the Health Benefits of Fresh Basil

Basil herb is common kitchen herb which is used in some cooking ingredients. It is used in making pasta and many western foods in all over the world. For the foods, basil is well known with its smell characteristic which can make the foods smell good. Making vegetable foods is not complete without basil. See More Basil Nutritional Benefits

benefits of cumin tea

Cumin is usually used as a kitchen herb. It is usually used in Medditeranian and Spanish cooking. The flavor is very distinct. On the other hand, it has hidden function for our health. Cumin seeds contains mineral, iron, and many vitamins which can improve our health. Mostly, people mix it into a cuisine to consume so it will make them easy to blend the cumin with foods. Southern Asians and Africans use cumin in traditional cuisine such as curry and chickpea salads. See More Benefits Of Cumin

Senin, 11 Agustus 2014

Resep Membuat Bakso

Bakso merupakan menu yang paling popular di Indonesia, betapa tidak hampir semua di kota-kota bahkan di pelosok-pelosok ada penjual bakso tentunya, nah apakah anda ingin tahu cara membuat bakso dengan mudah ??? blog ini akan berbagi mengenai Resep Bakso terbaru terbaru tentunya. Cara membuat bakso yang enak nyatanya juga mudah, beberapa bahan yang diperlukan lalu bisa disebut cukup sederhana serta mudah di peroleh. Saya meyakini ibu-ibu atau mbak yang dirumah tentu dapat untuk bikin bakso.  Mau Tau Cara Membuat Bakso ??? Simaklah Resep Cara membuat Bakso

Betel leaf: Revisiting the benefits of an ancient Indian herb

Betel is well known with its function to prevent illness. As a natural medicine, betel has so many functions especially for women’s problem. Nowadays, there are many products which use betel as the main formula. As an Indonesian natural herbal, betel leaf has many benefits for curing illness or preventing our body from bacterial problems. You can make your own concoction from home. Betel is also easy to find in Indonesia. Usually, people in the village plant betel in their living pharmacy. If you are interested to plant it, See More: Benefits of Betel Leaf